Citizen Science

Go for a hike or just go explore your backyard and become a citizen scientist.  

  • The Vermont Center for Eco Studies — Programs that need your help to make observations of Vermont wildlife and nature. 
  • The Loon Watch — A one day survey in July in which volunteers record data about loons in Vermont. This data allows scientists to better support the loon population in Vermont. 
  • The Vermont Atlas of Life i— Database of observations from all over Vermont. By adding your observations you can help to discover new species as well and keep track of known species population in Vermont. This is real science, that records real data, which can be used in research by scientists all over Vermont. 

Computer Science

  • — Fun game-like tutorials teach the basics of computer programming. Learn to code websites, apps, and games. 
  • — Focuses on girls interested coding. 



  • Bed Time Math thinks math should be as much a part of daily routines as reading and it should be fun.
  • The Daily Math Problem blog and app can give parents math problems to do with their children everyday of the week.